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Wood fired hot tubs with Devon views

In 2023 our quiet hideaway becomes even more of an idyllic retreat

Off-Grid Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

Immerse yourself in the relaxing ambience of woodsmoke and warm water, as you create memories at Lower Keats that will last a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like sitting in warm water, looking up as our wondrous starry night sky… Experience the unforgettable!

Our off-grid wood-fired tubs will heat fresh water from cold in approx. 3-6 hours and with a stock of logs, are simple to use. Simply add one to your booking extras (Subject to availability).

We can’t guarantee British weather but you can make memories that last a lifetime, come rain or shine!

Three of our lodges have large pre-bookable off-grid wood-fired hot tubs @ £30 per night.  Tubs are bookable for the full duration of your stay.  A sufficient quantity of wood is supplied and will get it to temperature, after the initial heat up, it will be faster on the following day/s. Water is changed before each stay as our tubs use fresh water with no chemicals.

Keeping you safe hot tub notes

Please read our hot tub guidelines and safety rules

Lighting a wood-fired hot-tub

Please read our hot tub instructions

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